Signal Goes Private: Messaging Without Sharing Your Phone Number

Signal, the messaging app known for its focus on user privacy, has rolled out a new feature: usernames! This update lets you ditch the phone number exchange and connect with people on Signal using a unique username instead.

What are Signal Usernames?

Unlike usernames on other platforms, Signal usernames aren’t meant to be public displays. They function more like private contact keys. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Privacy First: Your phone number stays hidden by default. People you chat with won’t see it unless they already have it saved in their contacts.
  • Initiate Chats Easily: Share your username with someone to start a conversation without exchanging numbers.
  • Not a Public Directory: Signal doesn’t have a searchable username list. People need your exact username to find you.
  • Temporary Handles: Usernames are changeable. You can create a new one anytime, making them ideal for specific groups or events.

How to Use Signal Usernames

Getting started with usernames is simple:

  1. Open Signal and head to your Profile settings.
  2. Look for the “Username” option.
  3. Create a unique username that ends with two or more numbers (helps prevent impersonation).
  4. That’s it! Share your username with anyone you want to chat with on Signal.

Is it Goodbye To Phone Numbers?

Not quite. Signal still requires a phone number for registration to help prevent spam. However, usernames give you more control over who sees your number within the app.

Signaling a Shift in Privacy

The username feature signifies a step towards more private messaging on Signal. It offers a convenient way to connect while keeping your phone number under wraps. With Signal’s strong encryption, this update makes it an even more attractive option for privacy-conscious communicators.

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